What You Must Know Before Buying Hang Tag

Hang tag is one of the most useful marketing pieces that can be used by just about all companies and organizations. It hangs on to an item such as clothes, accessories and so on. This can be of cardboard, vinyl, cotton or other types of stiff paper. It has a hole on top for hanging the tag. For a company or brand, this tag has a very big role as a media campaign and branding. Through this tag the company introduces itself to anyone who sees these pieces. Creativity is key to achieve a popular reputation. Unique designs have helped several products catapult their marketability. This demonstrates the potential of a humble hang tag.

A lot of choices will crowd you when ordering a hang tag, and oftentimes the customers may get puzzled. However, there is always a popular option to customize your own hang tags. This enables you to get your creative juices flowing and achieve a hang tag to your preferences. Quality should also be kept in mind, as a little upgrade goes a long way. Creative and modern designs should be well prepared to launch your product into the competitive market.

These are some of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a hang tag.


  • Design

The design is something that correlates with your other marketing materials. This is also a very important and decisive part of quality.

  • Copy

The copy is something that you can easily and seamlessly integrate into all of your other marketing materials.

  • Shape

Just be sure that the shape is reflective of your industry. Your customers will quickly associate the shape of your tags with your brand, making it easy for them to capture your brand image.

  • Layout

Try to go for a layout that is simple and clean. It will develop your brand and also allow you to place your logo as the focal point in the hang tag.



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