Types of Product Labels

One of the most common permanent product identification techniques is through the process of product labeling. Read the label on a product, and you can easily identify it. In product labeling, you will find that the label of each product is unique. But do we ever wonder about the different types of product labels available in the market?

The following are the most common types of product labels:

  1. Eco-friendly and Information Labels
    These are the ones which are most commonly used in household consumer products. Their main purpose is to impart valuable information about a product to the buyer. This label pass on information about the eco-friendly substances used during their manufacturing process.
  2. Laser
    These product labels come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes. As the name implies, the substance used to make them is highly resistant to the heat generated from the laser printing process.
  3. Blackout
    They are used when there is a need to hide certain attributes.
  4. Piggyback
    Piggybacks are used mainly as stickers posted on top of mail envelopes.
  5. Radioactive
    These are specialised labels that use radioactive isotopes to allow the specific tracking of chemical compounds.
  6. Branded Product Labels
    It is important for a product to have this label. It will help in the identification of the product and also act as a brand builder. The label's bonding on the surface of the product plays an important role. In general, this label is divided into two types namely the removable and the non-removable.

As you might have suggested, labeling is important for businesses. When you are about to make a label for your product, you will find that there are some rules of thumb to base on. Category of product is the first rule that you should look at before labeling your product. Agency of labeling is the second rule that is crucial to consider. Organization for labeling information is the next rule that you should think about when you want to label for your product.

In order to produce a high quality label, color and graphic should be wisely chosen, as it is the customer’s window to your product.. Readability should also be ensured. You should have your brand or company name as well as two or three words describing the product. Label size and shapes are also no less important. Last but not least, label material should also be considered.

If you want to create something that will truly match your product, you should put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Last and foremost, get in touch with a reliable printing company to create your perfect product labels.


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