Shopper Bag

The most practical handbag must be one that can meet people's needs for convenience and fashion style. From every aspect, shopper bag, without doubt, will be the best choice among many other handbags. As the name suggests, we can know that the typical feature of this bag is the large size that enables one to carry all the stuff bought at the supermarket. Apart from the practical feature, there are also many stylish and chic designs seen in this bag. Shopper handbags can be seen as the most preferable style for women. This is why shopper handbags are highly recommended, as it is the most versatile.


Material wise, there are many types of shopper bag. Plastic is the most common and widely used. But it is important to know that plastic is not a good choice with a variety of considerations. This bag cannot be recycled and hence pose a serious threat to the environment. According to the latest environmental research, many environmental experts have expressed increased concern over this issue. Plastic bags are recyclable, but less than 3 % are ever recycled. A plastic bag takes about 1,000 years before it starts to decompose. In addition to that, five of the top six most hazardous chemicals are used to create plastic bags. With these factors combines, it is no doubt that plastic heavily pollutes and harms the environment.


The best alternative is a cotton shopper handbag. There are numerous reasons on this claim.


  • Helps our environment for future generations and the saving of our precious resources.
  • They are reusable.
  • They can be very trendy.
  • It can be easily customized.
  • It is very budget-friendly, as it has a large price range.


Regarding the materials, cotton would be your best choice, as it guarantees the quality and durability.  You can either go for expensive designer bags or wholesale ones provided by retailers. When everyone starts using the cotton shopper bags, its production will increase many folds and the environmental problems can also be reduced. Cotton shopper bag has a great value for money and perfect for giveaways during trade shows as they are lightweight, eco-friendly and long lasting.

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