How to choose the right Barcode Labels

Barcode is a small image of bars (lines) and spaces that is affixed to retain store items. It uses a sequence of vertical bars and spaces to represent numbers and other symbols. Barcode consists a quiet zone, data characters, a start character, a stop character and a second quiet zone. When using barcode as a strategic advantage to automate your processes, you expect the solution to perform as expected. However, selection of the right barcode labels is often not given sufficient scrutiny. Selecting the right one will help you to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. However, which barcode fits the equation? The following are some tips you can follow:

What your label of barcode will be used for and applied to? This is the most important question
to determine the right label of barcode.

Will your barcode labels be exposed to extreme conditions such as direct sunlight, grease, dirt, heat, water and other environmental factors? Because each condition needs to be considered in order for your label of barcode to perform at its best.
Some barcode labels need to last for extended periods of time. Besides the labels, the printed barcode and verbiage should also be durable.

Face Stock
Finding the right face stock is crucial. Choosing between direct thermal and thermal transfer is the first step that should be done. As it is known, there are currently so many types of face stock. Therefore you need to determine your choice of material.
Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer
Should you print with or without a ribbon? It comes down to the application, environment and also durability. Direct Thermal uses a heat activated material to transfer your barcode image to the material. Thermal Transfer utilizes a wax that applies a heat transfer process to your label material to increase durability and readability.

Adhesive is also an important consideration. The right adhesive can make all the difference on whether your barcode labels stays where they were intended. Temperature range and level of permanence are a few things to be considered.
Core and Roll Size
Core and roll size are also important to determine. Usually, the barcode printer will help determine which core size your roll of labels will accommodate and ultimately what the outside dimension of your roll of labels will need to be.

Barcode media
Barcode media also needs to be considered. These include pre-printed labels, variable data labels, color tinted labels, static cling labels, asset tags and hang tags. However, our Media Specialist will help you navigate the solutions for your barcode printing needs.
When you've chosen the right and proper barcode labels, it will give a much improved effectiveness and efficiency, as it ensures maximum productivity and efficiency.

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