Garment Accessories

Garment accessories refers to the items needed to complete a garment product. The role of garment accessories are pivotal, as without these accessories, it is difficult to picture a structurally cohesive garment product. There are different types of accessories used in the apparel industry, where each one serves different functions, yet still complements each other. These garment accessories along with their functions are listed below.


  • Thread

The thread is crucial, as the aesthetics and quality of the seam depends on the sewing thread. As the main element in garment production, the sewing thread also plays an important role of joining pieces of fabric, hence adjusting it into a usable clothing.

  • Zipper

The zipper is another common accessory in the garment industry. It is made up of a chain, slider, and fabric tape. It is usually included to open and close fabric parts. Asides from their conventional function, these garment accessories are also used for fashion.

  • Buttons

Buttons are small discs or knobs sewn onto a garment. The function is very similar to a zipper. It secures two pieces or fabric, or can even be used as a decoration.

  • Pocketing Fabric

Pocketing fabric is a piece of shaped fabric attached inside or outside of a garment, thus forming a pouch for storage. There are so many types of pocketing fabric and cotton fabric is mostly used in garments.

  • Elastics

This garment accessories regains its normal shape spontaneously after being stretched or compressed. Elastics are normally used at waist sides of the garments or on a particular part to give a specific shape or to gain a wrinkle effect.

  • Interlining

Interlining is a layer of fabric with polyethylene dots fused between the face and the lining of a garment. It is similar to batting a thick layer of fiber, designed to provide insulation.

  • Ribbon

Ribbons are long and narrow strips of fabric. It is used for tying or just as a nice addition, such as those that are formed into beautiful flowers.

  • Rivet

The rivet is mostly seen at denim pants, heavy garments. Rivets are small metal bolts which are used to induce tension place in garments.

  • Collar bone

These garment accessories are used to balance collars, especially formal shirts at the edges. Plastic materials are used for the inner side of the collar.

  • Labels

The label is a short piece of fabric which contains the general information of the clothing. There are many types of label used in garments, and there may be more than one type used in a single clothing, such as main label, price label, wash care label, size Label, care label and so on.

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